“Start every day with a smile and get it over with. ”

~W.C. Fields~

In short...

“As far as children, our greatest treasure, are concerned, we take special care of them and provide them with top quality materials and endless patience. While taking care of them, we are pointing out prevention and regular checkup importance, thus developing a habit of regular dentist visits in children.”



Dear patients and friends, Specialist Dental Practice KORONA is situated in Belgrade city centre, st. Juzni Bulevar 19.

Let us introduce:

- KORONA dental practice has two owners. The first owner and manager is Dr Mirko Martinović, experienced dentist and oral surgery specialist.

- the second owner is Dr Aleksandra Cairovic, assistant at The Clinic for Dental Prosthetics at The Faculty of Dentistry, Belgrade University, dental prosthetics specialist, Master of Sciences (dental materials’ field), currently working on a doctoral dissertation

- consultant, Professor Dr. Branislav Glisic

- Dr. Dejan Cetkovic, assistant at the Institute of Anatomy, The Faculty of Dentistry, oral surgery specialist... More details >>


Specialist Dental Practice

Juzni Bulevar 19,

+381 11 240 55 90,
+381 63 7711 522